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Custom Registers

Custom Flush Mount or Drop In Registers

Whether you need the flush mount style register or the drop in style register, you send us your material and we will fabricate the perfect vent.  So what is the difference between the two styles?
Flush mount - This style creates a smooth, unbroken line of vision across your tile floor.  The air vent is perfectly flush with the rest of your beautiful tile.  For this process, we ship you an aluminum register frame in your required tile dimensions so your tile installers can accurately set the new tile around the vents.  A frame also allows you to easily remove the register for duct cleaning.
Drop In - This is the style you often see in metal materials.  It simply drops into place and does not use a frame.  This is a great option when choosing to replace the vents on an existing floor or in a carpeted room.

Flush Mount - no damper

Flush Mount - without Damper

This version of Flush Mount is made without a damper for applications that don't require control of air flow.  Aluminum frame included.
Ordering Custom Registers

Choose Register Size

Flush Mount with Damper

Flush Mount - Damper

This Flush Mount style comes with the damper to allow you to control your air flow.Aluminum frame included.
Ordering Custom Registers

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Drop In

Drop In

The Drop In style comes with the damper already attached, you simply place the finished register over the vent.
Ordering Custom Registers

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Pay by Phone Option

We also offer the option to make a partial payment by phone.
If you'd prefer to pay for the aluminum frame first and then pay for the rest of your custom tile order when it is
ready to be shipped - we can do that!

Call us at 248-398-8758

Ordering custom registers

You will need to know what size tiles you have and the dimensions of your duct opening(s).  Please refer to the FAQs page for specific information.

If you are ordering Flush Mount registers, the frames will be shipped first.

Ship your tile to:

            Metro Marble Restoration

            745 Redruth Ave.

            Clawson, MI 48017-1959

For proper identification of your order, please include your name and order number with your shipment.

If you chose the "Pay by Phone" option:  The frame will be charged when shipped and the balance will be charged when the grill (register) is ready to be shipped.  

When you receive your finished floor register:

  • Flush Mount style: Place into frame.
  • Drop In style: Just place into duct opening  

For best results:   Frames should be installed during tile installation.  Refer to Install Flush Mount for detailed instructions. See how a flush mount floor register is installed in this video.  Finished floor register is then placed into the installed frame.