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How to Package

Single Tile - 
It is important to keep the tile from flexing or bending to eliminate cracking type breakage.
DO - Support Top and Bottom surfaces EVENLY.
DO - Use splints the same size as tile (mdf board or plywood works good but any ridged material will help eliminate bending/cracking and strengthen weak veining). Wrap tile and splints very tightly with bubble wrap use packaging tape to keep bubble wrap tight.
DO - Place into box surrounded with 2 inches or more of shock absorbing material (foam peanuts work good to provide even support).

DO NOT - Use Waded paper (this creates uneven points of support).
DO NOT - Use box without 2 inches or more of shock absorbing material surrounding tile.

Multiple Tiles - 
Stack tiles with sheet of paper or thin foam 1/8" or less in between each of the tiles creating a brick like mass than follow recommendations for single tiles.

Metro Marble Restoration can not be responsible for any tiles received broken from improper packaging.